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Hi, I’m Tammy and welcome to my Best Yogurt Maker and Yogurt Maker Reviews blog where I’ll share all that I know about yogurt and yogurt makers. I’ll also be posting some of my reviews on various yogurt makers here too.

How to Choose the Best Yogurt Maker?

Yogurt makers are simple and not too exotic, so they generally range between $25 and $75 per machine. Although they are affordable and a useful kitchen appliance, they won’t do much good sitting at the back of the kitchen cabinet. So, like anything else that you would think about before buying, determine if a yogurt maker is what you need. Then, ask these questions to determine your best yogurt maker:

  1. How much yogurt will I be making?
  2. Is the thermostat reliable?
  3. How much time am I willing to take to clean the yogurt maker?

For more information on how to find the best yogurt maker, read more about it here.

Best Yogurt Maker Reviews

There are many types of yogurt makers available in the market. Here are some of my yogurt makers reviews on some of the best yogurt maker that I’ve encountered so far:

Of course, you can find other yogurt maker reviews online. Always look for these reviews as they are give good verification of how the product works and its reliability. You can also go to my blog for more reviews as I’ll update my list now and then.

Best Yogurt Maker: How to Use It

A yogurt maker is one of the easiest kitchen appliance to use. And because the technology doesn’t vary that much, they pretty much work the same way. Unless stated by the maker, here are the simple steps on getting yummy homemade yogurt with your best yogurt maker:

  1. You will need yogurt starter packs and most of the time, when you buy the best yogurt maker of your choice, it will usually come together. If so it happens that the starter pack does not come with the price, you can always buy it separately; usually in the same place where you bought the yogurt maker.
  2. Before putting the milk inside the yogurt maker, you will need to heat it on the stove/ in the microwave. You can choose any milk of your liking, from cow’s milk to goats, from full cream to non-fat.
  3. Cool the milk until room temperature or as instructed by the manufacturer. In the mean time, start warming up the yogurt maker.
  4. Mix the content of the starter pack with the milk. Put the mixture in the yogurt maker and program the machine to start the process.
  5. Follow the instructions when it comes to the cooking time. It can vary between 4 to 8 hours but some machine may take a longer time. The longer the incubation time, the thicker, creamier and tangier the yogurt will be.
  6. Store the yogurt inside the refrigerator and keep it chill for a few hours before consuming it. You can add flavorings and fruits to your liking.

Easy enough isn’t it?

Why Get the Best Yogurt Maker for Your Home?

Yogurt is known for its health benefits. From helping your digestive system to preventing osteoporosis, it is the only healthy food that is laden with all sorts of bacteria… the good kind of course. Other than being health friendly, yogurt can also be used as homemade beauty remedies. It acts as a natural moisturizer.

Yes, yogurt bacteria have all these benefits but you may not benefit from them if you don’t get the right ones. For example, the good bacteria are the ones that helps you build up better immune and digestive systems but if you get yogurt that have been pasteurized, it will reduce this benefit. And your skin should be supple after a yogurt mask but if the yogurt that you use have too much sugar, it will become dull and wrinkly.

So, to overcome this, the only way you can make sure that you get the right yogurt is to actually make it yourself. That is why I recommend that you get the best yogurt maker that best accommodates your needs.

To help you to choose the best yogurt maker, here’s a summary of articles you should read:

Best Yogurt Maker Recipes: Tips on How To Select Yogurt

There are so many varieties of yogurts out there. Here are tips on how you should select yogurt that can be fully benefited by you:

  • Whole Milk? Low-fat? Non-fat?
    Different kind of milk used to make yogurt will affect its taste and texture. So if your best friend may like one brand, you may like the other. But sometimes, even when you stick to one brand, the taste may vary a little because they may change the ingredients once in a while.
  • Sweet Tooth
    Store bought yogurts usually are injected with flavorings. If you don’t mind getting the calories from the sugar, by all means, go for it. I for one don’t like the artificial flavoring, so I eat plain yogurt with fruits.
  • Probiotics & Cultures
    “Live and Active Cultures” is what you should look for on the label. Different probiotics will help you in different areas. So, if you’re aiming to gain a specific result by consuming yogurt, I suggest that you read the label religiously.
  • Vitamin D
    Calcium will be absorb by our body more efficiently with the help of Vitamin D. So look out for those rich in Vitamin D if you want strong, healthy bone.

Because there aren’t any brand of yogurt that can truly satisfy me 100%, I resorted to making my own. That was when I decided to buy the best yogurt maker I can find on the market.

Best Yogurt Maker Reviews

Read all of my best yogurt maker reviews in my blog and find my yogurt maker top picks here. I will update again as soon as I can. And I might plan to write some articles or topic about best yogurt recipes, best yogurt starter, best homemade yogurt, best frozen yogurt, and of course more yogurt maker reviews. Hope my articles help you find your best yogurt maker then!